Meaning name Winfried

Meaning name Winfried

German equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Winfrið, meaning "friend of peace."

Winifred -  Anglicized form of Welsh Gwenfrewi, meaning "holy reconciliation."
Winnie - Pet form of English Winifred, meaning "holy reconciliation."
Winona - Native American Dakota name meaning"firstborn daughter." 
Winter - English name derived from the season name, "winter." The word may derive from Proto-Indo-European *wind-,meaning "white."
Win - Short form of English Winfred and Winifred, both meaning "holy reconciliation," and other names beginning with Win-. 
Wincenty - Polish form of Latin Vincentius, meaning "conqueror."
Windsor - English surname transferred to forename use, from a place name in Berkshire originally called Windels-ora, meaning "landing place with a windlass." [note: windlass. naut. a device used for winding ropes.] 
Wine - Anglo-Saxon name meaning"friend." 
Winfred - Variant spelling of Middle English Winfrid, meaning "friend of peace." 
WinfriÐ - Anglo-Saxon name composed of the Old English elements wine "friend" and frið "peace," hence "friend of peace."

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