Meaning name Wilhelm

Meaning name Wilhelm

Contracted form of Old High German Willahelm, meaning "will-helmet." 

Wilda -   German surname transferred to forename use, meaning "wild."
Wilhelmine - Feminine form of German Wilhelm, meaning "will-helmet."
Willa - Feminine form of English Will, meaning "will-helmet."
Willemina - Feminine form of Dutch Willem, meaning "will-helmet."
Willow - English name derived from the tree name, "willow." 
Wilma -   Contracted form of German Wilhelmina, meaning "will-helmet."
Wil - Short form of Old English names beginning with Wil-, meaning "will."
Wilbeorht - Anglo-Saxon name composed of the Old English elements wil "desire, will" and beohrt "bright," hence "will-bright."
Wilber - English surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Middle English elements wild "wild" and bor "boar," hence "wild boar."
Wilbert - German equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Wilbeorht, composed of the elements will "desire, will" and beraht "bright," hence "will-bright."

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