Meaning name Velda

Meaning name Velda

Dutch form of German Valda, meaning "power, rule." 

Velia - Italian name derived from the Roman family name Velius, meaning"concealed."
Vellamo - Finnish name derived from the word velloa, meaning "to surge, to swell." In mythology, this is the name of a cold-hearted goddessof the sea who dwelled in an underwater palace called Ahtola with her husband Ahto.
Velma - Probably an English variant spelling of German Wilma, meaning "will-helmet." 
Velvela - Feminine form of Yiddish Velvel,meaning "wolf."
Velasco - Medieval Spanish name derived from the surname Velázquez, meaning "crow."
Velemir - Variant spelling of Croatian/Serbian Velimir, meaning "great peace."
Veles - Variant form of Slavic Volos, meaning "ox." In mythology, this is the name of a god of the earth, underworld, dragons, cattle, magic and trickery. He is an enemy of Perun and is described as being horned and serpentine. 
Veli - Finnish name meaning "brother."
Velius - Roman family name, meaning "concealed."
Velten - German form of Latin Valentinus, meaning "healthy, strong."

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