Meaning name Ur

Meaning name Ur

Anglicized form of Hebrew Uwr, meaning "flame or light of fire," also possibly "revelation." In the bible, this is the native place of Abraham, the city of the Chaldeans, and a center of moon worship.

Urania - Latin form of Greek Ourania, meaning "heavenly."
Uranit - Hebrew name meaning "light."
Urbana -  Feminineform of English Urban, meaning "of the city."
Urbanna - Variant spelling of English Urbana, meaning "of the city."
Urbi - Egyptian name meaning "princess."
Urd - Danish and Norwegian form of Old Norse Urðr, meaning "fate."
Urdina - Feminine form of Basque Urdin, meaning "blue."
UrdiÑe - Variant spelling of Basque Urdina, meaning "blue."
UrÐr - Old Norse name meaning "fate; that which happened." In mythology, this is the name of one of the three Norns, a goddess of destiny. The other two are Skuld ("future") and Verðandi ("present").
UrÐur - Icelandic form of Old Norse Urðr, meaning "fate; that which happened."

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