Meaning name Tristand

Meaning name Tristand

Variant spelling of French Tristan, probably meaning "riot, tumult."

Tria - English short form of names ending with -tria.
Tricia - English short form of Latin Patricia, meaning "patrician, of noble descent."
Triinu - Estonian pet form of Estonian/Finnish Katariina, meaning "pure."
Trijntje - Pet form of Dutch Katrijn, meaning "pure."
Trina - Short form of English Catrina, meaning "pure."
Trine - Short form of Scandinavian Catrine, meaning "pure."
Trini - Feminine short form of Spanish unisex Trinidad, meaning "trinity."
Trinidad - Spanish unisex name meaning "trinity."
Trinity - English name derived from the vocabulary word, trinity," meaning "a triad; three; triple." As a religious name, it refers to "the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."
Trish - Short form of English Trisha, meaning "patrician, of noble descent." 

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