Meaning name Theokritos

Meaning name Theokritos

Greek name composed of the elements theos "god" and krites "critic, judge," hence "God-judge."

Thea -   Pet form of English Theodora, meaning "gift of God."
Theda - Pet form of English Theodora, meaning "gift of God."
Thekla - Contracted form of Greek Theokleia, meaning "glory of God."
Thelma - English name derived from the Greek word thelema, meaning "will." In use by the English.
Thema - African Akan and Egyptian name meaning "queen."
Themba - African Zulu unisex name meaning "trust."
Themis - Greek name meaning "law." In mythology, this is the name of the Titan mother of the three original Fates.
Theodora (greek - Θεοδώρα):  Feminine form of Greek Theodoros, meaning "gift of God."
Theophania - Feminine form of Greek Theophanes, meaning "manifestation of God." This nameused to be given to girls born on the Epiphany (January 6)--also called the 12thday of Christmas--which commemorates the visit of the three wise men (the Magi)to the infant Jesus.
Theoris - Egyptian name meaning "great."

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