Meaning name Tariq

Meaning name Tariq

Arabic name meaning "he who pounds at the door."

Tara (hindi - तारा):  English name derived from the Irish Gaelic place name Teamhair in Meath, the seat of the high kings of Ireland, meaning "high place," i.e. "hill."
Tarja - Finnish form of Roman Latin Daria, meaning "possesses a lot; wealthy."
Tarren - Welsh name meaning "from the knoll."
Taru - Pet form of Finnish Tarja, meaning "possesses a lot; wealthy."
Taranis - Celtic myth name of a thunder god, meaning "thunder."
Taras (greek - Τάρας, Cyrillic: Тарас): Greek myth name of a son of Poseid�n by the nymph Satyrion, of uncertain origin, possibly from the Indo-European root *ter-, meaning "to cross, to transgress," hence "mutineer, rebel." In use by the Russians and Ukrainians.
Tarasios - Greek name meaning "of Taras," a city founded by Spartan exiles who named it after Taras, son of Poseid�n; though some say Taras himself founded the city. The Romans called the place Tarentum; today it is called Taranto. 
Taregan - Native American Algonquin name meaning "crane."
Tarek - Variant spelling of Arabic Tariq, meaning "he who pounds at the door."
Tarmo - Finnish name meaning "energy, power."

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