Meaning name Tamsyn

Meaning name Tamsyn

English form of Cornish Tamsin, meaning "twin."

Tamara -  Russian form of Hebrew Tamar, meaning "palm tree." In Sanskrit, tamara means "spice."
Tamarah - Variant spelling of Russian Tamara, meaning "palm tree."
Tamaya - Native American Quechua name meaning "in the center."
Tameka - Variant spelling of English Tamika, possibly meaning "friendly."
Tamela - Modern English name which is possibly a blend of Tammy "palm tree" and Pamela "all honey."
Tamera - Modern English name that is either a variant form of Russian Tamara, meaning "palm tree," or based on the Sanskrit word tamara, meaning "spice."
Tameri - Egyptian name meaning "my beloved land (Egypt)."
Tami - Variant spelling of English Tammy, meaning "palm tree."
Tamia - Modern English name, probably based on Russian Tamara, "palm tree," or the Sanskrit word tamara, meaning "spice."
Tamika - Modern English name, possibly based on Esperanto Amika, meaning "friendly." 

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