Meaning name Talaitha

Meaning name Talaitha

 Probably a Romani form of Greek Talitha, meaning "damsel, maiden."

Tal - Hebrew unisex name meaning "dew." 
Talaith - Welsh form of Greek Talitha, meaning "damsel, maiden."
Talar - Armenian name meaning "fresh."
Tale - Egyptian name meaning "green."
Taletta - English variant spelling of Aramaic Talitha, meaning "damsel, maiden."
Talia (aramaic - טַלְיָא, Hebrew: טַלְיָה):  Variant spelling of Aramaic unisex Talya, meaning "young lamb."
Talisha - Modern English creation, possibly an elaborated form of Hebrew Tal, meaning "dew."
Talitha (greek - Ταλιθά, Aramaic: טלתא): Greek name derived from the word talitha, "damsel, maiden," from Aramaic taleh (טָלֶה, "young lamb"). In the bible, Jesus spoke the words talitha koum(i) ("damsel, get up") to a little girl that he healed. 
Tallula -   Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Tuilelaith, meaning "princess of abundance."
Talya (aramaic - טַלְיָא, Hebrew: טַלְיָה, Russian: Талья):  Aramaic unisex name derived from the word taleh, meaning "young lamb."

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