Meaning name Tahir

Meaning name Tahir

Arabic name meaning "the pure one."

Tahath - Anglicized form of Hebrew Terach, meaning "delay" and "station." In the bible, this is the name of a place in the wilderness where the Israelites stopped on their Exodus. 
Tahereh - Persian form of Arabic Tahira, meaning "the pure one." 
Tahira - Feminine form of Arabic Tahir, meaning "the pure one."
Tahirah - Egyptian name meaning "pristine."
TÁhirih - Variant spelling of Persian Tahereh, meaning "the pure one." 
Tahkeome - Native American Cheyenne name meaning "little robe."
Tahlia - Variant spelling of Hebrew Talia, meaning "dew."
Tahmelapachme - Native American Cheyenne name meaning "dull knife."
Tahmid - Perhaps from the Hebrew word tamid, meaning "flame." 
Tahnee - Variant spelling of English Tawny, meaning "light brown, tawny."
TÄhti - Finnish name meaning "star."
Tahvo - Finnish form of Greek Stephanos, meaning "crown."