Meaning name Stefana

Meaning name Stefana

Feminine form of Dutch Stefanus, meaning "crown."

Stef - Variant spelling of English unisex Steph, meaning "crown."
Stefania -   Danish feminine form of Scandinavian Stefan, meaning "crown."
StefanÍa - Feminine form of Icelandic Stefán, meaning "crown."
Ştefania - Feminine form of Romanian Ştefan, meaning "crown."
Stefanie - Variant spelling of English Stephanie, meaning "crown."
ŠtefÁnija - Feminine form of Czech and Slovak Štefán, meaning "crown."
Stefcia - Pet form of Polish Stefania, meaning "crown."
Steffie - Pet form of English Stefanie, meaning "crown."
Stela - Romanian name derived from Latin stella, meaning "star."
Stelara - Esperanto name meaning "like a constellation." 

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