Meaning name Slavoljub

Meaning name Slavoljub

Serbian name meaning "glorious."

SlÁine - Irish Gaelic name meaning "health."
SlÀine - Scottish form of Irish Gaelic Sláine, meaning "health."
Slava - Russian unisex name meaning "glory."
Slavica - Serbian name meaning "glory."
Slavna - Serbian name meaning "glorious."
Slade - English surname transferred to forename use, derived from Middle English slade, meaning "small valley."
Slava - Russian unisex name meaning "glory."
Slavco - Serbian name derived from Slavic slav, meaning "glory." Used as a pet form of Slavoljub.
SlavČo - Yugoslavian form of Serbian Slavco, meaning "glory."
SlavomÍr - Czech and Slovak form of Polish Sławomir, meaning "glorious peace."

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