Meaning name Santos

Meaning name Santos

Portuguese and Spanish name meaning "saints." This name is sometimes bestowed on a child to invoke the protection of the saints. It is also given to baby boys born on the Feast of All Saints.

Sana - Arabic name meaning "radiance."
Sanaz -   Persian name meaning "full of grace."
Sanchia - Variant spelling of Spanish Sancha, meaning "holy."
Sanda - Feminine form of Romanian Sandu, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandhya - Hindi name meaning "twilight."
Sandie - English pet form of Latin Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandra -  Short form of Italian Alessandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandrine - Short form of French Alexandrine, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandy - English unisex pet form of Latin Alexandra and English Alexander, both meaning "defender of mankind."
Sang - Vietnamese unisex name meaning "noble." 

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