Meaning name Saliha


Meaning name Saliha
Feminine form of Arabic Salih, meaning "virtuous."

Sal - Short form of English Sally, meaning "noble lady, princess." Compare with masculine Sal.
Salacia - Roman myth name of a goddess of salt water, meaning "salt."
Salal - English unisex name derived from the name of the "Salal berry plant" used in making jams and jellies.
Salali - Native American Cherokee name meaning "squirrel."
Salama - Egyptian name meaning "peaceful."
Salena - Variant spelling of English Selina, meaning "moon."
Salha - Variant spelling of Arabic Saliha, meaning "virtuous."
Salida - Old German name meaning "happiness, joy."
Salidji - Egyptian name meaning "fruit tree."
Salihah - Egyptian name meaning "agreeable."