Meaning name Romanus

Meaning name Romanus

Latin name meaning "Roman."

Roma - Hebrew name meaning "exalted, lofty." 
Romaine - Feminine form of French Romain, meaning "Roman."
Romana - Feminine form of Italian Romano, meaning "Roman." 
Romayne - English form of French Romaine, meaning "Roman."
Romey - Variant spelling of German Romy, meaning "rose" and "obstinate, rebellious."
Romhilda - Lombardic Italian name composed of the Germanic elements hrom "fame" and hild "battle," hence "famous battle."
Romilda - Variant spelling of Lombardic Italian Romhilda, meaning "famous battle."
Romola - Feminine form of Italian Romolo, meaning "from Rome."
Romy - Pet form of German Rosemarie, meaning "rose" and "obstinate, rebellious."
Romain - French form of Latin Romanus, meaning "Roman."

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