Meaning name Renard

Meaning name Renard

Variant spelling of Old French Renart, meaning "wise and strong."

Ren - Japanese name meaning "water lily."
Rena - Latin form of French Renée, meaning "reborn." 
Renae - Variant spelling of Latin Rena, meaning "reborn."
RenÁta - Hungarian form of Latin Renata, meaning "reborn."
Renata - Feminine form of Latin Renatus, meaning "reborn." In use by the Italians, Portuguese and Spanish.
Renate - Dutch and German form of Latin Renata, meaning "reborn."
RenÉe - Feminine form of French René, meaning "reborn."
Renie - English pet form of Latin Irene, meaning "peace."
Renita - Possibly a pet form of Latin Rena, meaning "reborn."
Renart - Old French form of Old High German Reginhard, meaning "wise and strong."

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