Meaning name Randy

Meaning name Randy

Pet form of English Miranda, meaning "worthy of admiration." Compare with masculine Randy. 

Ran - Japanese name meaning "lily" or "orchid."
Rana - Arabic name meaning "eye-catching."
Randa - Short form of English Miranda, meaning "worthy of admiration." 
Randi - Variant spelling of English Randy, meaning "worthy of admiration."
Rani - Hindi name meaning "queen."
Raniya - Arabic name meaning "gazing, looking at."
Ranya - Contracted form of Arabic Raniya, meaning "gazing, looking at."
Ranald - Scottish Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Raghnall, meaning "wise ruler."
Randal - Medieval form of English Randolf, meaning "shield-wolf."
Randall - Variant spelling of English Randal, meaning "shield-wolf."

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