Meaning name Radhika

Meaning name Radhika

Hindi name meaning "fulfiller of desires." In mythology, this is an epithet belonging to Radha. 

Rada - Bulgarian and Russian name derived from the Slavic element rad, meaning "happy."
Radelle - French name of German origin, meaning "counsel."
Radha - Hindi name meaning "successful." In mythology, this is the name of a lover of Krishna.
Radinka - Russian equivalent of French Radelle, meaning "counsel."
Radka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Radko, meaning "happy."
Radmila - Feminine form of Serbian Radmilo, meaning "happy favor."
Radojka - Serbian name meaning "joy."
RadomiŁa - Feminine form of Polish Radomił, meaning "happy favor."
Radomila - Feminine form of Czech Radomil, meaning "happy favor."
Radomira - Feminine form of Czech Radomir, meaning "happy peace."

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