Meaning name Quinn

Meaning name Quinn

Irish surname transferred to forename use, from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Coinn "descendant of Conn," hence "chief, freeman, head, hound, intelligence, strength."

Quiana - English variant spelling of Hawaiian Kiana, meaning "divine, heavenly."
Quianna - Variant spelling of English Quiana, meaning "divine, heavenly."
Quibilah - Egyptian name meaning "peaceful."
Quilla - Middle English name meaning "feather, quill."
Quinta - Feminine form of English Quintin, meaning "fifth."
Quintina - Feminine form of Roman Latin Quintinus, meaning "fifth." 
Quirina - Feminine form of Roman Latin Quirinus, meaning "men together."
Quidel - Native American Mapuche name meaning "burning torch."
Quim - Short form of Catalan/Portuguese Joaquim, meaning "Jehovah raises up."
Quin - Short form of English Quinton, meaning "fifth."

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