Meaning name Normand


Meaning name Normand
English form of Norwegian Normund, meaning "north protection."

Nora -   English form of Irish Nóra, meaning "honor, valor."
Norberta - Feminine form of Old French Norbert, meaning "bright northman" or "famous northman."
Noreen - Pet form of Irish Nóra, meaning "honor, valor."
Norene - Variant spelling of Irish Noreen, meaning "honor, valor."
Nori - Japanese unisex name meaning 1) "ceremony, regalia," 2) "code, precedent," 3) "model, rule, standard," 4) "law, rule."
Noriko - Japanese name meaning "law child" or "exemplar child." 
Norina - Diminutive form of Italian Nora, a short form of Italian names ending with -nora, such as Eleonora and Leonora.
Norma -   Feminine form of English Norman, meaning "northman."
Normina - Scottish form of English Norma, meaning "northman."
Norbert - Old French name composed of the Germanic elements nord "north" and berht "bright, famous," hence "bright northman" or "famous northman."