Meaning name Manolita

Meaning name Manolita

Pet form of Spanish Manuela, meaning "God is with us."

Mana (hebrew - מָנָה, Japanese: 愛):  Hawaiian name meaning "psychic gifts.
Manauia -  Nahuatlunisex name meaning "defend."
Mandi - Variant spelling of English Mandy, meaning "lovable."
Mandisa - Egyptian name meaning "sweet."
Mandy - Pet form of English Amanda, meaning "lovable."
Manisha - Hindi name meaning "wisdom." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of the mind.
Manishag - Armenian name meaning "violet flower."
Manjola - Albanian form of English Magnolia, meaning "magnolia tree."
Manju (bengali - মঞ্জু, Sanskrit: मञ्जु): Hindi unisex name derived from the Sanskrit word, meaning "pleasing, sweet." In Tamil it means "clouds." In Kannada it means "fog, mist" and "snow." Used as a short form of names beginning with Manu-.
Manjula - Hindi name meaning "melodious, pleasing."

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