Meaning name Mahfuz

Meaning name Mahfuz

Arabic name meaning "protected, safeguarded."

Maha - Arabic name meaning "moon."
Mahala - Variant spelling of English unisex Mahalah, meaning "disease." 
Mahalath - Anglicized form of Hebrew Machalath, meaning "stringed instrument." In the bible, this is the name of a daughter of Ishmael.
Mahalia - Aramaic name meaning "fatlings" or "brain, marrow." Also spelled Mehalia.
Mahats - Basque name meaning "grape."
Mahaut - Medieval form of Norman French Mathilde, meaning "mighty in battle."
Mahdokht - Persian name meaning "daughter of the moon."
Mahina - Hawaiian name meaning "moon; moonlight."
Mahnaz - Persian name meaning "glory of the moon."
Maho - Chamoru name meaning "thirsty."

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