Meaning name Luitgard

Meaning name Luitgard

German name composed of the elements liut "people" and gard "enclosure, protection," hence "people protection."

Luighseach - Irish form of Old Gaelic Luíseach, meaning "torch-bringer." Used as an Irish form of Latin Lucia (English Lucy), meaning "light." 
Luigia - Feminine form of Italian Luigi, meaning "famous warrior."
Luigina - Pet form of Italian Luigia, meaning "famous warrior."
Luisa - Feminine form of Spanish Luis, meaning "famous warrior." Also in use by the Italians and Portuguese.
Luise - German form of French Louise, meaning "famous warrior."
LuÍseach - Gaelic name meaning "light-bringer." 
Luisella - Italian pet form of Spanish Luisa, meaning "famous warrior."
Luisina - Pet form of Spanish Luisa, meaning "famous warrior."
Luixa - Feminine form of Basque Luix, meaning "famous warrior."
Luiza - Polish form of Roman Latin Louisa, meaning "famous warrior."

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