Meaning name Lugobelinos

Meaning name Lugobelinos

Old Celtic name composed of the word *lugios "oath" and the name of a god of fire, hence "oath of Belenus."

Lug - Celtic name probably derived from the Proto-Celtic element *lugios, meaning "oath." In mythology, this is the name of an ancient god who bore the epithet "skilled in all arts," which has led some scholars to believe that Mercury and Lug were one and the same. 
Lugaid - Irish name derived from the name of the Celtic god Lug, meaning "oath." Many historical and legendary figures have borne this name.
Lugh - Irish variant spelling of Celtic Lug, meaning "oath." In mythology, this is the name of a heroic high king of the ancient past.
Lughaidh - Variant spelling of Irish Lugaid, meaning "oath."
Lugovalio - Latin form of Celtic Lugovalos, meaning "strong as Lug."
Lugovalos - Celtic name meaning "strong as Lug."
Lugubelenus - Variant spelling of Lugobelinos, meaning "oath of Belenus."
Lugus - Gaulish form of Irish Lugh, meaning "oath."

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