Names starting with Iso

Isokrates - Greek name composed of the elements isos "equal" and kratos "power," hence "equal power."
Isoba - African Soga name meaning "walks slowly, stealthily."
Isocrates - Latin form of Greek Isokrates, meaning "equal power."
Isoke - African Nyoro name meaning "hairy."
Isolda - Latin form of English Isolde, meaning "ice battle."
Isolde - English form of French Iseult, derived from Germanic Ishild, meaning "ice battle." In Arthurian legend, this is the name of the tragic princess who was the mistress of Tristram.
Isooba - Variant spelling of African Soga Isoba, meaning "walks slowly, stealthily."
Isobel - Scottish form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
Isold - A derivative of Germanic Ishild, meaning "ice battle."