Meaning name Lene

Meaning name Lene

  Short form of German Helene, possibly meaning "torch."

Lena -  Pet form of English Eleanor, meaning "foreign; the other."
Lenka - Short form of Czech Madlenka, meaning "of Magdala."
Lenmana - Native American Hopi name meaning "flute girl."
Lenora - Pet form of Latin Eleanora, meaning "foreign; the other."
Lenore - Variant spelling of Latin Lenora, meaning "foreign; the other."
Lenuta - Pet form of Romanian Ileana, possibly meaning "torch."
Len -   Native American Hopi name meaning "flute."
Lennard - Variant spelling of English Leonard, meaning "lion-strong."
Lennart - Scandinavian form of Old High German Lewenhart, meaning "lion-strong."
Lenne - Pet form of Scandinavian Lennart, meaning "lion-strong."

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