Meaning name Kolby

Meaning name Kolby

Variant spelling of English Colby, meaning "coal settlement."

Kolab - Cambodian Khmer name meaning "rose."
Koldobike - Feminine form of Basque Koldobika, meaning "famous warrior." 
Kolleen - Variant spelling of English Colleen, meaning "girl."
Kolour - English variant of the word "color" used as a name.
Kolb - Armenian name meaning "from Kolb."
Koldan - Russian name meaning "sting."
Koldo - Short form of Basque Koldobika, meaning "famous warrior." 
Koldobika - Basque form of Middle Latin Ludovicus, meaning "famous warrior."
Kole - Variant spelling of English Cole, meaning "coal-black, swarthy."
Koli - Old Norse byname for a dark-complexioned person, derived from the element kol, meaning "black, coal."

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