Meaning name Kani

Meaning name Kani

Hawaiian name meaning "sound."

Kandace - English variant spelling of Greek Kandake, meaning "prince of servants." 
Kandajha - Esperanto name meaning "made of candy."
Kandake - Greek name of foreign origin, meaning "prince of servants." In Acts 8:27 of the New Testament bible, a queen of Ethiopia is referred to by this name. But it was not actually a personal name, but the name of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens. 
Kandi - Pet form of English Kandace, meaning "prince of servants." 
Kanika - Egyptian name meaning "black."
Kanta - Hindi name meaning "beautiful, desired."
Kanti (hindi - कान्ती):  Hindi name meaning "beauty."
Kanya - Thai name meaning "girl."
Kane - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Cathán, meaning "little battle."
Kaneonuskatew - Native American Cree name meaning "one that walks on four claws."

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