Meaning name Kambythet

Meaning name Kambythet

Egyptian form of Persian Kambujiya, probably meaning "handsome king."

Kamala - Feminine form of Hindi Kamal, meaning "red."
Kamaria - African Swahili name meaning "like the moon."
Kame - Japanese name meaning "tortoise (symbol of long life)."
Kamea - Hawaiian name meaning "the one and only."
Kameko - Variant spelling of Japanese Kamiko, meaning "superior child."
Kameyo - Japanese name meaning "tortoise (symbol of long life)."
Kami - Short form of Chamoru Kamia, meaning "flower."
Kamia - Chamoru name meaning "flower." 
Kamiko - Japanese name meaning "superior child."
Kamila - Feminine form of Czech and Slovak Kamil, possibly meaning "attendant (for a temple)."

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