Meaning name Kamboja


Meaning name Kamboja
Hindi form of Persian Kambujiya, probably meaning "handsome king." This was the name of an ancient Cambodian warrior king who won the Divine Sword from king Kuvalashava of Kosala.

Kamala - Feminine form of Hindi Kamal, meaning "red."
Kamaria - African Swahili name meaning "like the moon."
Kame - Japanese name meaning "tortoise (symbol of long life)."
Kamea - Hawaiian name meaning "the one and only."
Kameko - Variant spelling of Japanese Kamiko, meaning "superior child."
Kameyo - Japanese name meaning "tortoise (symbol of long life)."
Kami - Short form of Chamoru Kamia, meaning "flower."
Kamia - Chamoru name meaning "flower." 
Kamiko - Japanese name meaning "superior child."
Kamila - Feminine form of Czech and Slovak Kamil, possibly meaning "attendant (for a temple)."