Meaning name Ishkur


Meaning name Ishkur
Sumerian name of a storm god, meaning "thunder." Equated with Akkadian Adad.

Ishbel - Scottish form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
Ishild - Old German name composed of the elements is "ice" and hild "battle, strife," hence "ice battle." This is the name from which the English Arthurian legend name Isolde (French Iseult) was derived.
Ishtar -  Assyrian name said to be Semitic in origin and which may share the same underlying stem as masculine Assur, meaning "the leading one" or "the chief." In Babylonian mythology, this is the name of the most prominent female deity. 
Isha - Hindi name meaning "master, lord." 
Ishaq - Egyptian name meaning "laughs."
Ishmael - Anglicized form of Hebrew Yishmael, meaning "God will hear." In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including a son of Abraham.
Ishmerai - Anglicized form of Hebrew Yishmeray, meaning "whom Jehovah keeps." In the bible, this is the name of a Benjamite.