Meaning name Inana


Meaning name Inana
Variant spelling of Sumerian Inanna, meaning "lady of Heaven."

Ina -   Chamoru unisex name meaning "illuminate; light up."
Inanna - Sumerian name, possibly meaning "lady of Heaven." In Babylonian mythology, this is the name the daughter of Ea and sister of Nanshe; she is a goddess of the sky, earth, love, fertility and war.
Inas - Arabic name meaning "friendly."
Ina -  Chamoru unisex name meaning "illuminate; light up." Compare with strictly feminine Ina.
Incio - Portuguese form of Latin Ignatius, possibly meaning "unknowing."
Iaki - Variant form of Basque Eneko, probably meaning "my little one."
Inapo - Chamoru name meaning "wave."