Meaning name Hastiin

Meaning name Hastiin

Native American Navajo name meaning "man."

Hasida - Variant spelling of Hebrew Chasida, meaning "stork" and "righteous."
Hasina - Egyptian name meaning "good."
Hasmig - Armenian name meaning "jasmine."
Hasan - Arabic name meaning "good, nice."
Hasani - Egyptian name meaning "handsome."
Hashim - Arabic name meaning "broker; crusher of evil." 
Hashub - Anglicized form of Hebrew Chashshuwb, meaning "considerate." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including a son of Pahath-moab.
Hasib - Arabic name meaning "respected."
Hasim - Arabic name meaning "decisive."
Haskel - Yiddish form of Hebrew Yechezqel, meaning "God will strengthen."

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