Meaning name Gorlassar


Meaning name Gorlassar
Old Welsh epithet belonging to Uther Pendragon, possibly meaning "above the blue" or "higher than the sky."

Gorane - Basque name meaning "exaltation."
Goratze - Basque name meaning "exaltation."
Gordana (serbian - Гордана): Croatian and Serbian form of Roman Latin Gordiana, meaning "from Gordium."
Gordiana - Feminine form of Roman Latin Gordianus, meaning "from Gordium." 
Gorgophone - Greek name composed of the elements gorgo "grim" and phonos "murderer, slayer," hence "grim slayer." In mythology, this is the name of a daughter of Perseus.
Gormlaith - Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic name composed of the elements gorm "illustrious, splendid" and flaith "lady, princess," hence "illustrious princess" or "splendid lady."
Gorria - Feminine form of Basque Gorri, meaning "red."
Gora (russian - Гора):  Basque name meaning "exaltation."
Gran - Swedish form of Greek Georgios, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Goran - Serbian name meaning "mountain man."