Meaning name Gena

Meaning name Gena

Pet form of English Eugenia, meaning "well born."

Generys - Medieval Welsh name, probably meaning "white lady." 
Genesis - English name of Greek origin, derived from the word genesis, meaning "creation, generation, origin, source," from gignesthai "to be born," which is related to genos "birth, descent, race." In the bible, this is the name of the first book of the Old Testament.
Genette - English variant spelling of French Jeanette, meaning "God is gracious."
Geneva - Pet form of French Geneviève, probably meaning "race of women."
GeneviÈve - French form of Celtic Genovefa, probably meaning "race of women."
Genevieve -  English form of French Genevi�ve, probably meaning "race of women."
Genevra - Variant spelling of Italian Ginevra, probably meaning "race of women."
Genia - Pet form of English Eugenia, meaning "well born." 
Genie - Pet form of English Eugenia, meaning "well born." This is also a pet form of English Genevieve, probably meaning "race of women."
Genista - English name derived from the Latin word for the "broom plant."

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