Meaning name Gemma

Meaning name Gemma

Italian name meaning "precious stone."

Gemaria - Variant spelling of Hebrew Gemarya, meaning "God has accomplished."
Gemarya - Variant spelling of Hebrew Gemaryah, meaning "God has accomplished." 
Gemaryahu - Variant form of Hebrew Gemaryah, meaning "God has accomplished." In the bible, this is the name of one of the nobles who lived in the time of Jeremiah.
Geming - Chinese name meaning "revolution."
Gemini - From Latin geminus meaning "twin." In Astrology, it is a zodiac sign. In Astronomy, it is the name of a constellation. In Roman mythology, Castor and Pollux are the Gemini twins, the sons of Leda, brothers to Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra. In Greek they are called the Dioskouroi.

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