Meaning name Firdaus

Meaning name Firdaus

Arabic name derived from the word firdaws, "paradise," from Persian pardis/pairidaeza, meaning "enclosure, garden." This is the Arabic name for the highest paradise in the hereafter.

Firenze - Hungarian form of English/French Florence, meaning "blossoming."
Firuza - Feminine form of Arabic Firuz, meaning "victorious."
Firdos - Variant spelling of Arabic Firdaus, meaning "paradise."
Firmin - French name derived from Latin Firminus, meaning "firm, steadfast."
Firmino - Italian form of Latin Firminus, meaning "firm, steadfast."
Firminus - Latin name derived from the word firmus, meaning "firm, steadfast."
Firoz - Variant spelling of Arabic Firuz, meaning "victorious."
Firuz - Arabic form of Persian Piruz, meaning "victorious."

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