Meaning name Farid

Meaning name Farid

Arabic name derived from the word farada, meaning "unique."

Farah - Arabic name meaning "joy."
Farida - Feminine form of Arabic Farid, meaning "unique."
Fariha - Arabic name meaning "happy."
Farley - English habitational surname transferred to unisex forename use, composed of the Old English elements fearn "fern" and leah "clearing, meadow," hence "fern meadow."
Farrah - Variant spelling of Arabic Farah, meaning "joy."
Farag - Variant spelling of Arabic Faraj, meaning "improvement."
Farai - African Shona name meaning "rejoice."
Faraj - Arabic name meaning "improvement."
Faramond - Later spelling of Old High German Faramund, meaning "journey protection."
Faramund - German name composed of the elements fara "journey" and mund "protection," hence "journey protection."

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