Meaning name Emmie

Meaning name Emmie

Pet form of Norman French Emma, meaning "entire, whole."

Emma - Old Norman French name of Germanic origin, derived from the element ermen/irmen, meaning "entire, whole." 
Emmaline - Variant spelling of German Emmeline, meaning "work."
Emmanuelle - French feminine form of Latin Emmanuel, meaning "God is with us."
Emmeline - Old German name derived from the word amal, meaning "work."
Emmet - Diminutive form of Norman French Emma, meaning "entire, whole." Compare with masculine Emmet.
Emmy - Variant spelling of Norman French Emmie, meaning "entire, whole."
Emmanuel - Latin form of Greek Emmanouel, meaning "God is with us." In the Old Testament bible, this is the name of the promised Messiah as prophesied by Isaiah. In the New Testament, it is a name given to Christ by Matthew. In use by the English and French.
Emmerich - Altered form of German Amalrich, meaning "work-power."
Emmerson - Variant spelling of English Emerson, meaning "son of Emery."

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