Meaning name Elly

Meaning name Elly

Variant spelling of English Ellie, meaning "foreign; the other."

Ella - Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon Ælla, meaning "all, universal." Compare with feminine Ella.
Ella - Pet form of English Eleanor, meaning "foreign; the other." Compare with masculine Ella.
Ellar - Modern form of Scottish Eallair, meaning "superior of a church cell."
Elldrich - Variant form of German Aldrick, meaning"old ruler; long time ruler."
Elle - Danish form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
Ellen - Originally a variant spelling of English Helen, possibly meaning "torch." Now considered an independent name.
Ellenor - Variant spelling of English Eleanor, meaning "foreign; the other."
Ellery - From an Old English place name meaning "island of elder trees." 
Ellery - Variant spelling of English unisex Hillary, meaning "joyful;happy." 
Ellgar - Variant spelling of Middle English Elgar, meaning "elf spear."
Ellger - Variant spelling of Middle English Elger, meaning "elf spear."
Elli -   Pet form of Finnish Eleonoora, meaning "foreign; the other."
Ellil - Akkadian form of Sumerian Enlil, the name of the chief deity of the Babylonian religion, meaning "Lord Wind," or more literally "Lord of the Command."
Elliot - English surname transferred to forename use, originally a Norman French diminutive form of Old French Élie, meaning "the Lord is my God."
Elliott - Variant spelling of English Elliot, meaning "the Lord is my God."
Ellis -   Anglicized form of Welsh Elisud, meaning "kind."