Meaning name Eilert

Meaning name Eilert

Frisian and Scandinavian form of German Eckhard, meaning "strong edge."

Eila - Hebrew name meaning "oak tree, terebinth tree."
EileanÓra - Irish Gaelic form of Provençal Aliénor, meaning "foreign; the other."
Eileen - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Eilín, meaning "beauty, radiance." 
Eileithyia - Greek name derived from the word eleluthyia, meaning "relieve." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of childbirth. Her Latin name is Lucina.
Eilidh - Pet form of Scottish Aileen, meaning "beauty, radiance."
EilÍn - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Éibhlín, meaning "beauty, radiance."
EilÍs - Irish Gaelic form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath."
Eilish - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Eilís, meaning "God is my oath."
Eilwen - Welsh name composed of the elements ael "brow" and (g)wen "fair, holy, white," hence "fair-browed."
Eilam - Variant spelling of Hebrew Eylam, meaning "boundless time, eternity." 

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