Meaning name Diodore

Meaning name Diodore

French form of Latin Diodorus, meaning "gift of Zeus."

Diona - Variant spelling of Latin Dione, meaning "the goddess."
DiÔnÊ - Greek name meaning "the goddess." In mythology, this is the name of the Titan mother of Aphrodite. It is a feminine form of Zeus. 
Dione -   Feminine form of French Dion, a name derived from Latin Dio ("Zeus" or "god"), a short form of longer names of Greek origin beginning with Dio-. 
Dionysia - Feminine form of Greek Dionysios, meaning "follower of Dionysos." 
Diorbhail - Variant spelling of Scottish Diorbhorguil, meaning "true testimony." Used as a Scottish Anglicized form of Dorothy ("gift of God").
Diorbhorguil - Older form of Scottish Diorbhail, meaning "true testimony."
Diot - English pet form of Greek Dionysia, meaning "follower of Dionysos." 
Diodoros - Greek name composed of the elements Dios "god, Zeus" and doron "gift," hence "gift of Zeus."
Diodorus - Latin form of Greek Diodoros, meaning "gift of Zeus." 
Diodotos - Greek name composed of the elements Dios "god, Zeus" and dotes "giver," hence "giver of Zeus."

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