Meaning name Dilshad

Meaning name Dilshad

Variant spelling of Persian Delshad, meaning "happy heart."

Dilara - Turkish name meaning "lover."
Dilwen - Feminine form of Welsh Dilwyn, meaning "truly blessed." 
Dilys - Welsh name derived from the word dilys, meaning "genuine, steadfast, true."
Dilbert - Variant spelling of English Delbert, meaning "bright nobility."
Dilip - Short form of Hindi Dilipa, meaning "protector of Delhi."
Dilipa - Hindi name, composed of the elements Dili "Delhi" and pa "protecting," hence "protector of Delhi." In Hindu legend, this is the name of several kings.
Dillon - English form of Welsh Dylan, meaning "great sea."
Dilwyn - Welsh name composed of the elements dilys "genuine, steadfast, true" and (g)wyn "blessed, fair, holy, white," hence "truly blessed."

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