Cornish names

Areta - Old Cornish name of Greek origin, derived from the word aretē, meaning "excellence, virtue."
Arlyn - Cornish name composed of the elements ar "war" and lyn (also lin and lo) "pool, water," hence "water battle."
Colan - Cornish form of Irish Gaelic Coileán, meaning "whelp, young pup."
Corin -   Cornish legend name of a hero who was a slayer of giants, probably derived from the first element of the Old English tribal name Cornwealas, from the ethnic term Kernow, meaning "Cornish" or "horned." 
Demelza - Cornish name derived from a place name in St. Columb Major, meaning "fort on a hill."
Denzil - Variant spelling of Cornish Denzel, possibly meaning "sunny fort."
Digory - Cornish and English form of French Degaré, probably meaning "strayed, lost." 
Epiphany - English religious name, meaning simply "epiphany."
Gawen - Old Cornish name of uncertain etymology, perhaps cognate with English Gawain, meaning either "May hawk" or "white hawk."
Håkon - Danish and Norwegian form of Old Norse Hákon, meaning "high son."
Jago - Cornish form of Latin Jacobus, meaning "supplanter."
Jennifer - English form of French Guinevere, meaning "white and smooth."
Jowan - Cornish form of Latin Johannes, meaning "God is gracious."
Marina - Feminine form of Roman Latin Marinus, meaning "of the sea."
Meraud - Cornish name of uncertain derivation. It could be a Cornish form of French Méraud, meaning "emerald," or it may be a feminine form of Welsh Meredydd, possibly meaning "sea day" or "sea sun."
Merryn - Cornish form of Latin Marina, meaning "of the sea." Given in dedication of the Christian saint Marina.
Morwen - Short form of Cornish/Welsh Morwenna, meaning "maiden."
Morwenna - Cornish and Welsh name, derived from the Welsh word morwyn, meaning "maiden."
Pasco - Cornish form of French Pascal, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Piran - Proto-Celtic form of Irish Ciarán, meaning "little black one." In use by the Cornish.
Steren - Cornish name meaning "star."
Tammie - Variant spelling of English Tammy, meaning "palm tree."
Tammy -   English pet form of Russian Tamara, meaning "palm tree." 
Tamsin - Cornish contracted form of English Thomasina, meaning "twin."
Tiffany - Medieval English form of Greek Theophania, meaning "manifestation of God."
Tommy - Pet form of English Thomas, meaning "twin."
Tregereth - Cornish name meaning "compassion, mercy."
Ursula - Latin name composed of the word ursa "she-bear" and a diminutive suffix, hence "little she-bear."
Yestin - Cornish form of Roman Latin Justinus, meaning "fair,just."