Bulgarian names

Andon - Bulgarian form of Latin Antonius, possibly meaning "invaluable." 
Andrey - Bulgarian form of Greek Andreas, meaning "man; warrior."
Andrian - Bulgarian form of Greek Andreas, meaning "man; warrior."
Antónia - Feminine form of Galician-Portuguese Antón, possibly meaning "invaluable." 
Anzhelo - Bulgarian form of Greek Angelos, meaning "angel, messenger."
Atanas - Bulgarian form of Greek Athanasios, meaning "immortal."
Bagatur - Georgian form of Mongolian Baghatur, meaning "hero" or "warrior." 
Biljana - Serbian name meaning "herb."
Bilyana - Bulgarian form of Serbian Biljana, meaning "herb."
Bogomil - Bulgarian form of Slavic Bogumil, meaning "God-favor."
Bogomila - Feminine form of Bulgarian Bogomil, meaning "God-favor."
Boiko - Variant spelling of Bulgarian Boyko, meaning "inhabitant of western Ukraine." In use by the Romani.
Borislava - Feminine form of Slavic Borislav, meaning "battle glory." In use by the Bulgarians and Russians.
Boyana - Feminine form of Bulgarian Boyan, meaning "warrior."
Boyko - Bulgarian name derived from the word bojko, meaning "inhabitant of western Ukraine." 
Damyan - Bulgarian form of Greek Damianos, meaning "to tame, to subdue" and euphemistically "to kill." 
Danail - Bulgarian form of Hebrew Daniyel, meaning "God is my judge."
Desislav - Bulgarian name of uncertain derivation. The first element may be related to PIE *dis- "apart, divided." The second is Slavic slav, meaning "glory," hence possibly "divided glory." 
Desislava - Feminine form of Bulgarian Desislav, possibly meaning "divided glory."
Donka - Feminine pet form of Bulgarian Andon, possibly meaning "invaluable." In use by the Romani.
Elisaveta - Bulgarian form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath."
Emiliya - Bulgarian form of Latin Emilia, meaning "rival."
Gavrail - Bulgarian form of Greek Gabriēl, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."
Georgi - Bulgarian form of Greek Georgios, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Gergana - Feminine form of Bulgarian Georgi, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Hristina - Feminine form of Bulgarian Hristo, meaning "Christ-bearer." 
Hristo - Bulgarian form of Greek Christophoros, meaning "Christ-bearer." 
Iliya - Bulgarian form of Greek Elias, meaning "the Lord is my God." 
Iva -   Short form of Bulgarian Ivana, meaning "God is gracious."
Ivailo - Bulgarian name, possibly meaning "wolf." 
Ivanka - Pet form of Bulgarian Ivana, meaning "God is gracious."
Ivaylo - Variant spelling of Bulgarian Ivailo, possibly meaning "wolf."
Ivet - Bulgarian form of French Yvette, meaning "yew tree."
Ivo - Variant spelling of German Yvo, meaning "yew tree." Used infrequently by the English.
Izabela - Czech form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
Kaloyan - Bulgarian name derived from Greek kalos Ioannes, meaning "handsome John."
Kiril - Bulgarian and Macedonian form of English Cyril, meaning "lord."
Krasimir - Bulgarian name composed of the Slavic elements kras "beauty" and mir "peace," hence "beautiful peace."
Krasimira - Feminine form of Bulgarian Krasimir, meaning "beautiful peace."
Krastyo - Bulgarian name derived from the word krast, meaning "cross."
Lidiya - Bulgarian and Russian form of Greek Lydia, meaning "of Lydia."
Lilyana - Bulgarian form of Latin Liliana, meaning "lily."
Lyuben - Bulgarian name derived from the Slavic word lub, meaning "love."
Mecho - Bulgarian pet name meaning "teddy bear."
Miroslav - Czech form of Polish Mirosław, meaning "peace-glory." 
Miroslava - Feminine form of Czech Miroslav, meaning "peace-glory."
Momchil - Bulgarian name derived from the word momche, meaning "boy, youth."
Nadejda - Bulgarian form of Russian Nadezhda, meaning "hope."
Nevena - Bulgarian name, meaning "marigold."
Nikolina - Bulgarian feminine form of Nikola, meaning "victor of the people."
Ognian - Variant spelling of Bulgarian Ognyan, meaning "fire."
Ognyan - Bulgarian name derived from the word ognen, meaning "fire."
Pavla - Czech feminine form of Czech/Russian Pavel, meaning "small."
Pavlina - Pet form of Czech Pavla, meaning "small."
Penka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Penko, meaning "rock, stone."
Penko - Bulgarian pet form of Bulgarian/Croatian Petar, meaning "rock, stone."
Plamen - Bulgarian name derived from Slavic plam, meaning "fire, flame." In use by the Romani.
Radka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Radko, meaning "happy."
Radomir - Czech form of Polish Radzimierz, meaning "happy peace."
Radomira - Feminine form of Czech Radomir, meaning "happy peace."
Rositsa - Pet form of Bulgarian Rosa, meaning "dew."
Silviya - Bulgarian form of Roman Latin Silvia, meaning "from the forest."
Simona - Feminine form of Italian Simone, meaning "hearkening."
Snezhana - Bulgarian form of Croatian Snjezana, meaning "snow woman."
Spas - Bulgarian name meaning "saved."
Stanimir - Bulgarian name composed of the Slavic elements stan "government" and mir "peace," hence "peaceful government."
Stanislava - Feminine form of Slavic Stanislav, meaning "glorious government."
Stanka - Bulgarian pet form of Slavic Stanislava, meaning "glorious government." In use by the Romani.
Stoyan - Bulgarian name meaning "stand, stay."
Stoyanka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Stoyan, meaning "stand, stay."
Světla - Short form of Czech Světlana, meaning "light."
Světlana - Czech form of Russian Svetlana, meaning "light."
Teodóra - Feminine form of Hungarian Tódor, meaning "gift of God."
Tódor - Hungarian form of Greek Theodoros, meaning "gift of God."
Todorka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Todor, meaning "gift of God."
Tonka - Pet form of Bulgarian Antonia, possibly meaning "invaluable."
Tsveta - Feminine form of Bulgarian Tsvetan, meaning "flower."
Tsvetan - Bulgarian name meaning "flower."
Tsvetanka - Pet form of Bulgarian Tsveta, meaning "flower."
Vasil - Bulgarian form of English Basil, meaning "king." 
Vasilka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Vasil ("king"), meaning "queen."
Ventsislav - Bulgarian name composed of the Slavic elements ventie "more" and slav "glory," hence"more glory." 
Yana - Feminine form of Bulgarian Yan, meaning "God is gracious."
Yanko - Pet form of Bulgarian Yan, meaning"God is gracious." In use by the Romani.
Yoan - Bulgarian form of Latin Johannes, meaning "God is gracious."
Yoana - Feminine form of Bulgarian Yoan, meaning "God is gracious."
Yordan - Bulgarian form of Hebrew Yarden, meaning "flowing down."
Yordanka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Yordan, meaning "flowing down."
Yosif - Bulgarian form of Hebrew Yowceph, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
Zahari - Bulgarian form of Greek Zacharias (Hebrew Zekaryah), meaning "whom Jehovah remembered."
Zhivka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Zhivko,meaning "alive."
Zhivko - Bulgarian name meaning "alive."