Assyrian names

Agron - Albanian name of the second king of Illyria, the husband of Teuta, possibly meaning "dawn." 
Amika - Esperanto name meaning "friendly."
Ashur - Anglicized form of Hebrew Ashchuwr, meaning "blackness." In the bible, this is the name of a son of the father of Temeni.
Assur - Anglicized form of Hebrew Ashshuwr, meaning "a step." In the bible, this is the name second son of Shem. It is also a name applied to the nation of Assyria and its people.
Astarte - Greek name meaning "star." In mythology, this is the name name of a goddess of fertility and war.
Nairi - Armenian unisex name derived from theAssyrian word for Armenia, meaning "country of rivers; riverland."
Nuri - Egyptian unisex name/word meaning "gypsy."