Meaning name Coralie


Meaning name Coralie
Pet form of English Coral, meaning "coral" or "small pebble."

Cora - Latin form of Greek Kore, meaning "maiden." In mythology, this is a name borne by Persephone, a goddess of the underworld.
Coral - English name derived from the gem name, from Latin corallium, probably ultimately from Hebrew goral, meaning "small pebble."
Corazn - From the Spanish name of a dormant volcano in Ecuador, meaning "heart."
Cordelia - English name which may be an elaborated form of the Latin word cor, meaning "heart." This is the name of a legendary queen of the Britons. It is also the name of a moon of Uranus and an asteroid, both of which were named after a Shakespeare character who also bore this name.
Cordula - Diminutive form of Latin cor ("heart"), hence "little heart."
Core - Latin form of Greek Kore, meaning "maiden." 
Coreen - Irish form of French Corinne, meaning "maiden."
Corentine - Feminine form of Breton Corentin, probably meaning "hurricane, tempest." 
Coretta - Pet form of Latin Cora, meaning "maiden."
Coriander - English name derived from the spice name coriander (also commonly called Cilantro), from Latin coriandrum, from Greek corys ("bedbug") with the added element -ander "resembling" (referring to the smell of the spice which is similar to the odor of bedbugs), hence "smells like a bedbug."