Meaning name Chuan-li

Meaning name Chuan-li

Chinese name meaning "transmitting propriety."

Chubasca - Chamoru name meaning "sea storm."
Chuenchai - Thai name meaning "refreshing."
Chulda - Variant spelling of Hebrew Chuldah, meaning "mole" or "weasel." 
Chuldah - Hebrew name meaning "mole" or "weasel." In the bible, this is the name of a prophetess. 
Chumana - Native American Hopi name meaning "snake maiden."
Chumani - Native American Sioux name meaning "dewdrops."
Chun - Chinese unisex name meaning "spring."
Chun-hua - Chinese name meaning "spring flower" or "spring magnificence."
Chun-tao - Chinese name meaning "spring peach."
Chus - Unisex pet form of Spanish Jesús and Jesúsa, meaning "God is salvation."

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