Meaning name Caprina


Meaning name Caprina
English name derived from the name of the Italian island of Capri. The Latin name for Capri is Capreæ, meaning "goats." But the Greeks were the first to populate the island. Latin Capreæ may be a derivative of Greek kapros, meaning "wild boar."

?apeka - Hungarian form of Czech/Slovak Capeka, meaning "little stork."
Capeka - Czech and Slovak name meaning "littlestork."
Caprice - Italian name meaning"impulsive; ruled by whim." 
Capricia - Elaborated form of Italian Caprice, meaning "impulsive; ruled by whim." 
Capaneus - Latin form of Greek Kapaneus, meaning "arrogant." In mythology, this is the name of one of the Seven Against Thebes. He is said to have had a body of immense size and strength, but he was notoriously arrogant and was eventually struck and killed by a thunderbolt sent by Zeus. His wife Evadne committed suicide by throwing herself on his funeral pyre.