Meaning name Bonny

Meaning name Bonny

Variant spelling of English Bonnie, meaning both "good" and "pretty."

Bonduca - English variant form of Celtic Boudica, meaning "victory."
Bonfilia - Feminine form of Italian Bonfilio, meaning"good daughter."
Bonita - Spanish name meaning "pretty."
Bonnie - English name derived from the Scottish word bonnie "pretty." 
Bonaventura - Italian name meaning "good fortune."
Bonaventure - Variant spelling of Italian Bonaventura, meaning "good fortune."
Bonfilio - Variant spelling of Italian Buonfiglio, meaning "good son."
Bongani - African Zulu name meaning "grateful."
BonifÁc - Czech form of Latin Bonifatius, meaning "good destiny/fate." 
Boniface - Short form of Latin Bonifatius, meaning "good destiny/fate." In use by the French and occasionally the English.

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